Eminence uses specialized Treatment Curriculum. Each week is called a Focus Set, which draws attention to a specific topic related to substance abuse. Each Focus Set is divided into daily Treatment Modules, developed to assist clients in understanding and processing multiple approaches to the week’s Focus Set topic. Group counseling sessions use a psychoeducational social learning model to help clients gain the most awareness of substance abuse issues, process the Treatment Module in a safe, supportive environment of their peers and apply their new understanding to their own lives.

We believe in providing personalized treatment to every Eminence client. Each client is given a personalized workbook. These workbooks contain all activity sheets needed to complete the corresponding Treatment Curriculum. Since these workbooks were introduced, we have noticed an increase in clients taking responsibility and ownership of their sobriety. Every workbook is customized with the client’s name and contain the client’s weekly Drug Assessment Logs and daily Journal Entries.