Pillars of Success

Our Commitment

Across every industry, all companies are rooted in a guiding foundation. Eminence is no different. The foundation for which Eminence’s success is built upon is solidified by what we call the “Four Pillars of Success.” These pillars, though strong individually, form a rock-solid base of success when combined together.

As with any organization, communication is paramount for success. Eminence relies on a number of communication measures, including site visits, phone calls, email blasts and other mediums to ensure that all of our sites stay connected to the latest happenings at Eminence. With our goal of becoming truly integrated within the program experience, it’s vital that we maintain constant and open lines of communication in order to be successful.

Nothing good can arise from chaos, which makes organization an important part of our organizational success. From client notes, to curriculum, to employee training, everything done at Eminence is conducted in an organized and logical process to ensure not only its completeness but also its accuracy. This organization begins with the top level of the firm’s leadership and filters down all the way through the company, creating a solid foundation upon which to build our success.

Motivation is the driving force behind everything that we do; it is, perhaps, our strongest pillar. The concept is simple: if we can’t motivate ourselves, how do we expect to motivate others? This effect trickles down from our leadership’s ability to motivate the staff, to our counselors’ ability to motivate their clients, forming the strength of the pillar.

The ability to make someone feel excited when they see something for the first time is not as easy as it might sound. In an ever evolving society increasingly vying for attention, it’s becoming more difficult to “wow” people. We pride ourselves on always looking for the “wow,” to deliver more to our clients and sites than they expect. Whether it’s a base of knowledge or a visual element, without the “wow” Eminence cannot be successful.