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Eminence Healthcare, Inc. is an adolescent substance abuse treatment program. We serve adolescent clients 12-19 years of age at middle and jr. high schools, high schools, alternative education schools, and outpatient clinic settings. Our services include: Intake, Addiction Severity Index (ASI), Treatment Planning, Group Counseling, Individual Crisis Counseling Sessions, Collateral Sessions, and Discharges..

The Eminence team is excited to bring our fresh approach to providing middle schools, high schools, and alternative schools with the highest level of substance abuse treatment services available in the San Joaquin Valley.

Our team has focused on bringing together technological resources with the best evidence based practices to cater to the individualized needs, cultures, and communities in the areas we serve. The result is a team of qualified, passionate counselors who genuinely have fun working with adolescents and educators to change lives together.

Our comprehensive evaluations of the adolescents provides us with knowledge and insight into the treatment modalities that provide the highest levels of successful outcomes for the specific youth we serve. Through the coordinated efforts of our leadership management, we utilize our teamwork to maximize the impact we make on the lives of adolescents every day.