CARF Accredidation

Exciting news! Eminence is now CARF Accredited!

Eminence Healthcare, Inc. was awarded a Three-Year Accreditation for its comprehensive adolescent substance abuse treatment services by CARF International, the leading standards body for health services organizations. Having worked tirelessly to create a truly excellent client-centered program, the Eminence team is pleased to let the treatment community know that it is now CARF accredited.

So what is CARF accreditation, and what did Eminence do to become CARF accredited? Below will answer those questions and show what Eminence’s recently granted Three-Year Accreditation status means for its clients and the recovery community at large.

• CARF International has been providing accreditation to health programs around the world since 1966. Think of accreditation like an official stamp of approval: it means that the CARF-accredited program has met or exceeded a variety of standards for providing care to clients. Not only that: it also means the program has shown a dedication to improving its quality of service.
• Does being CARF accredited mean that a program can rest on its laurels? Not at all! After the period of accreditation is over, Eminence will go through another CARF survey to keep its accredited status. In addition to that, Eminence must prove that it is continuing to refine the quality of its services based on recommendations from CARF surveyors.

Eminence was especially proud to achieve a three-year CARF accreditation on its very first attempt to earn CARF accreditation.

To sum it up, Eminence’s CARF accreditation means that Eminence provides excellent client care and is continuing to make it even better!

• There are different levels of accreditation that a program can receive. The Three-Year Accreditation that Eminence received is the highest level of accreditation that CARF awards. This means that Eminence staff will not have to spend time going through the evaluation process again after only one year. Instead, Eminence will continue to focus on serving its clients and improving its services until the Three-Year Accreditation period ends and a new evaluation is required.
• CARF accreditation is awarded not only to the health organization, but to the specific programs and services it offers. Eminence was granted the full Three-Year Accreditation for all the programs it currently operates. Specifically, Eminence was accredited for all the school site locations where we are certified to provide services.

• Getting CARF accredited means committing to transparency and accountability. In the accreditation process, Eminence worked closely with CARF to take a critical look at its services and operations. CARF surveyors conducted on-site inspection and evaluation of Eminence at all the sites in operation. The process also involved submission of internal policy and documentation operations. That means that CARF was given access to see exactly how Eminence serves its clients, including the built-in policy protections for the rights of clients.
• Over the course of its history, Eminence has not wavered in its commitment to treating clients like family. The well-being of those served will continue to be the core driver of the company’s mission and conduct. Eminence is honored to have received official recognition from CARF for its commitment to standards and excellent client care. The team hopes this news will help those in need to make their way to Eminence’s treatment services or another CARF accredited provider.

In the CARF accreditation report, CARF noted Eminence Healthcare, Inc. has strengths in many areas as detailed below in the report:  
• Leadership is passionate in pursuing the organization's mission of providing quality services to youth in Fresno and Kings counties, California, which include rural communities and areas where unemployment and poverty are significant issues.
• The TriPPP software system developed by the organization is a state-of-the-art integrated platform for real-time tracking of utilization, performance management, and client services. The administrative facility is configured to optimize communication among its management staff, while ensuring a focused, goal-directed environment that is collegial and characterized by effective teamwork.
• Leadership's advocacy in promoting quality, accessible programs at the county and state level contributes to the vision and planning for youth who are at risk or engaged in substance abuse. The organization is highly regarded by state officials for its innovative, responsive, and effective programming.
• Eminence Healthcare's outreach activities to clients and communities provide comprehensive information about substance abuse and program services. This information is provided in English and Spanish in attractive brochures and flyers and is widely distributed in various venues.
• Youth develop meaningful goals and the tools to pursue them while in the program. Because services are provided within the school setting, access and school performance are enhanced. Staff members are recognized for successfully integrating the program within the school system.
• School administrators express gratitude for the services that the organization provides to youth with substance abuse issues. The support and counseling the youth receive help them progress toward improved peer relationships and school performance. The school administrators report positive outcomes for youth participating in the organization's tailored services, which they value as resource for students.
• Staff members are enthusiastic about providing evidence-based services to youth who often have histories of trauma, abuse, and neglect. Staff members are recognized for their skills and their commitment to the mission and values of the organization.
• Clients praise the staff members, noting that their support, caring, and counseling made a difference in improving the quality of their lives. They expressed a commitment to being drug free and are hopeful about furthering their education and/ or preparing for careers.
• On balance, Eminence Healthcare demonstrates substantial conformance to the CARF International standards. The leadership, administrative, and counseling staff members are well qualified and bring a strong focus in the provision of a high-quality continuum of substance use services within the school settings where services are delivered. The organization's services available for adolescents in rural and urban settings offer youth counseling, support, and psychoeducational treatment in individual and group formats. Eminence Healthcare has embraced the consultative process of CARF and demonstrates that its leadership and staff members have the commitment and the ability to address the areas for improvement noted in the recommendations in this report, including several issues in the areas of health and safety, the development of several written policies and plans, the training of personnel, corporate compliance, personnel management, supervision of clinical personnel, and clinical documentation. The organization indicates that it is committed to conformance to the CARF standards and has begun activities leading to improvement in these areas. Many of the recommendations stemmed from not understanding the intent of the standards.
• Eminence Healthcare, Inc. has earned a Three-Year Accreditation. The board, administration, and staff members are congratulated for this accomplishment. They are encouraged to continue to demonstrate leadership in the region in providing caring and compassionate services for the persons served and to continue to use the CARF standards for optimal business practices and service delivery.

“CARF standards are internationally recognized benchmarks for excellence in healthcare. We’re proud of our Eminence team for exceeding these standards and receiving the maximum allowed 3-year accreditation. We look forward to continuing our mission of serving the adolescents in the communities we are privileged to serve.”